EGR (Extra Grace Required)

If you have ever had any EGRs (Extra Grace Required) people in your life (and if you are older than a preschooler you have), then Jonah is your Man.  In his time, there was City called Nineveh, and it was filled with 120,000 of people who were in need of extra Grace.  God in his infinite love and mercy, wanted Jonah to be the prophet who would lead Nineveh to repentance and transformation.  Jonah in his human wisdom, did not think that the Ninivites (often called the Nazi’s of the ancient world) were worthy of God’s love.  What unfolds is a wrestling match between a disobedient prophet and the plan and purpose of a loving God.  Trusting and Obeying God is not always easy, in fact, doing what God wants by definition should be a challenge that requires help from something that is bigger than ourselves.  But in the end it is easier to struggle with God, than to struggle against God and Whales and any other thing that will reroute us so that we are able to follow the pathway of God.